green dinosaur pachycephalosaurus vinyl wall decalgreen dinosaur pachycephalosaurus vinyl wall decal

Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Vinyl Wall Decal for Theme Rooms


My Pachycephalosaurus is honorificabilitudinitatibus!

(Translation: My dino has a lot ofåÊ horns!)

If you love dinosaurs with difficult-to-pronounce names, then this Pachycephalosaurus decal is absolutely perfect for you!åÊEven if you can’t pronounce “Pachycephalosaurus,” this is a fun dinosaur design to have decorating your walls. If you have a child in your life who is crazy about prehistoric times, this is the perfect decal! From the spikes on its head and nose, to the long tail, and all the way down to the detailed claw on each foot … this dinosaur is sure to thrill!

P.S. If you still can’t pronounceåÊ”Pachycephalosaurus,” I’m sure your little dinosaur expert can tell you how it’s done!

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Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Vinyl Decal

The Pachycephalosaurus, although hard to pronounce, is easy to love when it is adorning your walls! This decal is popular in boy’s and children’s bedrooms, classrooms, playrooms, offices and waiting rooms, or even as a party decoration!

It comes in a variety of sizes soåÊ you can fit it in your space, and we have a wide range of bright colors to match your child’s preferences or your other decor! You can also choose to personalize the design with a child’s name for that extra-special touch.

Most importantly, this decal is easily removable and won’t damage your walls when you decide it’s time for a fresh look!


Thank you for choosing for your vinyl decorating needs! Are you looking for a customized gift for a child, relative, or friend? Do you want to jazz up your laptop or your car windows? Maybe you‰Ûªre planning a wedding or decorating a nursery, or perhaps you simply want to add a unique, personalized touch to your living space. Whatever your vision, our vinyl decals provide you with an inexpensive and creative way to make your living space your very own.

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View ouråÊcolor chartåÊto see each of these available colors.


Each order is custom-made by our network of hard-working, stay-at-home moms ‰ÛÒ who love to decorate with vinyl, just like you do! Our level of attention to detail when making your special order will match your expectations of quality.

Your custom order is always made and shipped within one business day. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and your designs will last for years while still being easy to remove without damaging your walls when you are ready for a new look. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

If you‰Ûªre looking for a specific design and can‰Ûªt find it here on our website, feel free to contact us with your idea. It‰Ûªs very likely that our team of designers can create exactly what you‰Ûªre looking for!

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Weight 16.00000001 oz

12in x 5in, 18in x 9in, 24in x 12in, 36in x 18in, 45in x 22in, 60in x 30in


Beige, Black, Brilliant Blue, Brown, Charcoal Gray, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Red, Gray, Green, Light Gray, Lilac, Lime Green, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Mint, Orange, Pink, Powder Blue, Purple, Red, Soft Pink, Turquoise, White, Yellow


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