Events Countdown Board Vinyl - As Featured on The Thrifty CoupleEvents Countdown Board Vinyl - As Featured on The Thrifty Couple

Events Countdown Board Vinyl – As Featured on The Thrifty Couple


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Use This Unique Vinyl Product to Countdown to Your Next Holiday, Vacation, or Other Event

This unique vinyl product comes to you courtesy of a splendid idea from Cassie of The Thrifty Couple blog. Cassie’s kids and husband often asked her how much longer it would be before their family’s next major event would take place. You likely can relate to her situation. Life is like a big ol’ countdown of days that border on ordinary, days that serve as necessary fillers to be sorted through until you get to the VERY BEST days.

That’s what this product is all about. You can essentially bring your next big day into the spotlight by counting down to it. This fills those mostly ordinary days with more anticipation and excitement.

Here’s how this product works. We supply the vinyl. You get the other materials from your local craft store.

What’s included:

All the vinyl (as shown below) you need to put together the events countdown board, including white “It’s time” and black “Countdown” wording. Also in black are the words” SPECIAL EVENT, PARTY, HOLIDAY, FAMILY TIME, BIRTHDAY, VACATION, DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, and two sets of numbers, 0 through 9.


You can purchase the other items from Hobby Lobby, JoAnne, or one of your other favorite craft stores. These items are necessary to complete your countdown board – at least if you’re trying to exactly duplicate Cassie’s final outcome.

Not included:

  • 24″ x 6″ board that is ready to be painted
  • Wood Rectangles 2 3/8th x 1 1/2 x3/16
  • Wood Circles 1 1/2 x 1/8
  • Paint in your choice of colors (acrylic or oil based are best – mattes and latex paints do not work well with vinyl)

Additional information

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