Popular Baby Girl Names That Start With F

When I first started thinking about and looking for popular baby girl names that start with the letter F, I immediately started thinking about the name Faith.  I have always admired that name partly because the word faith is very important to me personally.  I had a harder time coming up with names that start with F for little girls so I was happy to use some baby names sites like Babble and Behind The Name.  I also found some information on Wikipedia.


Below are some of the most popular and unique baby girl names that start with the letter F.  I wish you well in finding a name for your new bundle of joy!

Faith is an English word from the word Faith that means to trust or enduring belief that does not require proof.  In the early 2000’s the was a very popular name for baby girls but has dropped off in recent years, however it still remains on the most popular baby name lists for girls.

Fiona means fair and has Gaelic, Irish, and Scottish origins.  Fiona is quite a popular girl name around the world.  It has risen sharply in popularity in the United States recently.

Felicity is an English name that means happy and the Latin roots mean luck or good fortune.  In the last few years the name Felicity has topped the charts.

Frances is the feminine form of Francis and is a French name.  Frances means free one.  Although the name Frances hasn’t been very popular in the last few decades it has seen a spike in the last couple of years.

Faye is a French name and the means fairy.  It also can mean confidence, trust, or belief.  My father-in-law has a cousin named Faye and she is like a sister to him.  She has always been such a confident and trustworthy lady.

Some other less popular baby girl names that start with the letter F but that are beautiful and fabulous choices for sweet little girls are listed below.

Flora was the Roman Goddess of flowers and spring.  Naturally, Flora means flower.  Flora is quite popular world wide!  Flora is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

Francesca means free one and is an Italian name.  In the last few decades this name has stayed a very popular name in the United States.

Florence is both an English and French name.  It means prosperous or flourishing.  Florence is often thought of as the beautiful art city in Italy.  

Felicia is a Latin name used in the English, Spanish, Roman, Dutch, and Swedish languages.  It means happy, happy things, or happy times.

Francine is another form of the name Frances.  It has Latin origins but is a French name.  Francine also means free one or from France.

While some of these names may not end up at the top of the most popular baby girl name lists, they are still precious and should be seriously considered.

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