Popular Baby Boy Names That Start With H

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There are a lot of popular baby boy names that start with the letter H.  I love that some of the “old fashioned” names are making a comeback because they are so fun!  There are some really strong baby boy names that start with H and I am glad they made this list!

Popular Baby Boy Names That Start With H

Henry is one of my favorite boy names.  My son has a friend named Henry and he just exudes happiness.  Henry is a German name and means ruler of the household.

Hudson is an English name and literally means son of Hudde.  It is a medieval name and is nickname for Hugh and Richard.

Hunter was originally a last name given to men who hunted or caught birds.  It’s popularity has spiked and dropped in the last decade, but remains quite popular on the baby boy name lists.

Harrison means son of Harry.  It is an English name.  Harrison Ford is a very well known American actor, best known for his role as Han Solo in the Star Wars series.

Hayden is an English name.  Hayden was originally a surname which means hay valley or hay hill.

Hendrix is an American name.  It derives from the given name Henry.  I know a little redheaded boy named Hendrix and he is the cutest bundle of energy!

Harry is of the Teutonic origin.  I had to look that word up and Teutonic is of Germanic origins.  Harry is a form of Harold which means army-power, according to Baby Center.

Hank means ruler of an estate.  It is German. In the United States Hank has become a diminutive of Henry.

Harvey comes from the Breton given name Haerivu, which means battle worthy, according to Behind The Name.

Houston is an English American name.  It literally means hill town and is also a very popular large city in the state of Texas.

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