Most Popular Baby Girl Names That Start With E

Finding popular baby names that start with a particular letter is much harder than just finding popular baby name lists with all the letters of the alphabet.  The more I research this the more I’m glad I decided to do this because there aren’t a lot of lists out there that focus on each letter of the alphabet with the most popular names for babies in each particular letter!


A couple of the websites that I found helpful in my search are Mom365 and Babble.  I really love these most popular baby girl names that start with E.  Some of them are oldies but they are goodies too!


Evelyn is Celtic and English.  Evelyn means life or giver of life in Celtic and wished for in English.  It is a very romantic name and I certainly would want to have a name that means “wished for”!

Elizabeth is Hebrew and means God is my oath.  Elizabeth is a well-known person in the bible since she was the mother of John The Baptist.  Two queens of England were also named Elizabeth.

Emily has a Latin origin and is used a lot in the English society.  It means industrious and striving.

Emma reminds me of regency romance novels and beautiful dresses and afternoon tea!  Emma is a Latin name and means whole or universal.

Ella is both English and German.  In the English language is means a beautiful fairy woman.  In the German language Ella means all or complete. It is a lovely name for any new baby girl.

In addition to those adorable most popular baby girl names that start with E I also have a few of my favorites!


Eva is a little less popular but is beautiful nonetheless!  Eva has many different origins but it comes from the name Eve which means life or giver of life.  It can also mean full of live or Mother of life.

Eliza is short for Elizabeth and also means God is my oath.  Eliza is mostly used in the English language and has gained quite a bit of popularity since the 1980’s.  Eliza is a delightful name for a little girl.

Estelle means star is is a lovely French name.  The name Estelle has soared in popularity over the last few years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Elise is the French version of Elizabeth.  In French Elise means consecrated to God!  This is such a beautiful variation of the meaning for Elizabeth.

Elsa is another form of Elizabeth and comes from the German language.  In German, Elsa means pledged to God.

As I was researching all of these beautiful and popular baby girl names that start with E I had no idea that so many of them were versions of Elizabeth!  I love to learn new things and I hope you have learned some new things too!

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