Creating a Winter Wonderland

Years ago, when we were first married and had very few Christmas decorations, my mom got a set of snowflake stickers for us to put on our walls, they were pretty cute from a distance, but they had a clear plastic (and shiny) covering over the entire snowflake which made them look kind of cheesy from certain angles of light.  We used them for a few years and eventually the stickiness wore off and we threw them away.

This year, I decided those white snowflakes on our walls really do make everything look more festive and so I put together this mixture of different styles and sizes of snowflakes.  I get so many compliments on them, and because of the matte finish of the vinyl, they almost look painted onto the walls.  No more cheesy shiny stickers over here!

The snowflakes come all together in a this set and you can order whatever color you would like.  I’ve seen others do a mixture of powder blue and white that is really adorable too! Mine are all classic white.  I cut apart the snowflakes from each other so that I could arrange them on the walls exactly how I wanted to with just a regular pair of scissors.

After that step, I peeled the backing off of the vinyl so that I just had the sticky part – the sticky tape that looks like a giant piece of masking tape, and the vinyl.  I lightly placed all of the snowflakes on the walls and stood back and took a look.  Because I had placed them lightly, I could still adjust, move and tweak them until I had all of the snowflakes exactly where I wanted them.  

Then, I stuck these to the walls by a combination of rubbing with my hand where the walls were more textured, and rubbing with the edge of a credit card where the wall were more smooth.  I slowly and carefully peeled the backing away from the snowflake, being careful that the entire snowflake was now stuck to the wall and not to the tape anymore, and Voila!  I love the cherry Christmasy look these snowflakes add to our decor.  My kids love it and feel like they are in a winter wonderland.  The best part about these snowflakes?  I can remove them easy as a sticker and they don’t ruin my walls 🙂

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