Baby Names That Start With D…

It’s good to mix things up every once in a while, so today I am going to combine the boy and girl names that start with the letter D.  I know so many boys and men with D names so I picked some of my favorites!  I don’t know as many girls that have names that start with the letter D so I chose names that I think are darling and that I would probably choose myself if I had more baby girls.


I’m learning a lot as I research all of these baby names.  BabyCenter is becoming one of my favorite go-to websites for baby names.  I found many of these names there. I am looking at other various websites, like Behind The Name, to make sure I get their origin and meaning of the names correctly.



Dakota is an American Indian name and it means friend.  My niece married a man named Dakota and he is certainly a friend to everyone he meets.

Dallas is a Scottish and Irish name meaning meadow dwelling.  It is also the name of a popular city in Texas and was the name of United States President George Mifflin Dallas.  

Daniel is a Hebrew name meaning God is my judge.  He was a great prophet in the Old Testament.  My son’s name is Daniel and he loves knowing the biblical story behind his name.

Drew is short for Andrew.  It is a Latin name meaning manly.  Drew was quite popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Dustin has old Norse origins and in German it means valiant or brave fighter.  My daughter has a good friend named Dustin and we all agree that he is very valiant and brave, although he is a peacemaker, not a fighter.



Daisy is an old English name that simply means white flower or Day’s eye.  I have always wondered why more little girls aren’t given this name because it is so sweet and Daisy’s are such popular flowers.

Danielle is the feminine and French form of Daniel.  Danielle also means God is my judge. My kids had a swim coach named Danielle and she was always a great example of someone who followed God and didn’t worry about what others thought of her.

Darla means darling or dear one.  It is an old English name. We just watched the Little Rascals over the weekend as a family and the little girl named Darla on there was just that…DARLING!

Delaney is originally a Gaelic name with English origins as well.  Delaney means descendant of the challenger.

Dorothy means Gift of God and is a greek name.  Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz, was a sweet and kind character and I always wanted to be like her.  

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Baby Girl Names with the Letter C

Children need to know what their names mean and why they were given a specific name because it gives them the ability to identify who they really are.  Kids will be more confident and will feel a sense of purpose and pride because they know their history.  This will help them when they are faced with tough decisions later on in life.  


I had the awesome privilege of being a kindergarten aide last year and I absolutely loved it. One of my favorite students (they were all my favorite, if you want to know the truth) was named Charlotte. She was one of those little girls that was so sweet and kind but had a hidden mischievous side to her!  So, you can be sure that the name Charlotte will be on my list of baby girl names that start with the letter C.  I’ve found names and meanings from The Bump as well as Behind the Name and Google for this post.  Enjoy!

Caroline has several different origins but most know it as an English name.  It generally means free man since it’s the feminine form of Charles.  President John F. and Jackie Kennedy named their daughter Caroline and they are considered U.S. “Royalty” by many people around the world.

Camilla is a very strong name.  It belonged to the legendary Roman warrior who ran through the grass so fast she would leave it in ashes.  It means servant of the temple as well.

Catherine means pure and is a Greek name.  The French version is Katherine.  This name has gained popularity because of the Duchess of Cambridge who’s nickname is Kate.  Her birth name is Catherine.

Celine is a Latin name.  It means Heaven.  Celine is a beautiful name with a very sweet and divine meaning.  Celine Dion is a very popular French Canadian who has given this name power through her voice.

Charlotte is another feminine form of Charles which means freeman.  It is also German. Charlotte has been a very popular name in the last few years in the United States.  As I mentioned above, one of my students last year is named Charlotte and she certainly grabbed a piece of my heart!

Chloe is a Greek name that means new plant growth in the spring.  The name Chloe is mentioned in both Greek Mythology and the New Testament of the Bible.

Christina is a Latin name meaning Follower of Christ.  That meaning along is reason to give a baby girl this name.  In modern times some will shorten it to Tina or Chris, however I prefer the full name, especially for it’s meaning.

Clarissa is a Latin name meaning bright or famous.  It dropped in popularity in the early 2000’s but has picked back up in the last few years.

Colette is a French name meaning people of victory!  That is a fun and strong name to give a little girl.  Saint Colette was a 15th century nun who gave her money to the poor.

Cora means Maiden and is a Greek name.  Cora had not been used as a first name until 1826 when it was used in the novel ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ by James Fenimore Cooper.

I hope you will consider a C name for your baby girl.  Little girls with names that start with the letter C are sure to remember that their names are strong, loving and kind!

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Boys And The Letter C

Boys And The Letter C


Last Sunday we went to my husband’s cousin’s baby blessing.  In our church, when a baby is born, the baby is given a special blessing where his or her name is given and blessings are offered to the baby that will help them throughout their life.  It is a special day. As I was contemplating the blessing days of my own children I remembered with fondness the closeness I felt not only to my family but to my Heavenly Father. He truly blesses us each day.


I have enjoyed looking at the website Behind the Name because they give a very detailed description of each name, where they came from, and how popular they are. There are so many masculine baby boy names that start with the letter C! Have fun searching through these names I’ve found.

Caleb is one of those names with a debate on what it really means.  Most people want to believe that it is Hebrew and means whole, or heart.  Caleb has been a very popular name, especially in the United States over the last few decades.

Calvin was originally a French surname and it means “little bald one”.  It has always stayed in the top 1,000 most popular baby names in the United States and there are many famous presidents, actors, clothing designers, and others who have had this fun name!

Cash is an English baby name and originally means box maker.  In the English language it means wealthy man. A famous country singer in the United States was Johnny Cash but I have known several boys in the last few years with the first name of Cash.  It peaked in popularity in 2013 and had another spike in 2017.

Charles is of French descent meaning manly.  The German form of this name is Karl.  Probably the most famous Charles of our time is Prince Charles of England, who is next in line to be the King of England.  It’s shortened version is Charlie, which is just darling for a little boy!

Chase is English and means to chase or hunt.  It soared in popularity in the mid 2000’s in the U.S.  I’ve never met a little boy I didn’t like with the name Chase.  They just seem to have a little bit of mischief about them but they are also very sweet and kind.

Christopher is a Greek name that means “bearing Christ”.  It has been popular for many centuries, though it’s lost some of its popularity recently.  In recent history many of the boys named Christopher go by the nickname of Chris.

Colton has been a popular boy name for quite some time.  It is English and means coal or dark town.  I’d certainly give this name consideration if I had another boy!

Connor is an old Irish name but was originally spelled Conor and means lover of hounds.  In the last couple of years the name Connor has really gained the attention of new parents again.

Cooper is one of those names you can’t help but love!  It is an English name and means barrel maker or seller.  It has remained a popular name over the last ten years in the United States.

Corbin is an English surname but is derived from an old French name meaning raven.  The name Corbin gained popularity in the early 2000’s.  It peaked in 2017. Corbin dropped down a little over the last couple of years but is still a name worthy of considering.

The letter C quite popular with boy names.  It has a strong bold sound making all of these names a great choice for your little boy.

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B Is For Baby Girl Too!

B Is For Baby Girl Too!

And the alliteration stops here

(see my Baby Boy post to get that joke).  


It just doesn’t work as well for B baby girl names, but it still stands true…baby girl names that start with the letter B are just as brilliant!  Well, maybe a little alliteration can be found in there somewhere. We will move on from alliteration and continue our search for baby girl names.  Today we are looking at the letter B!  I continued my search on Behind The Name as well as other sites like Baby Center. I like to cross check these sites to make sure I’m really giving you accurate meanings and origins.


Bailey was and still is a masculine name but over the years it has become quite a popular girl name as well.  It is a middle English name originally meaning balif. A couple of other spellings for girls would be Baylee or Bailee.

Becca is short for Rebecca which is a Hebrew name meaning to join or tie.  It was a very popular name in the 1970’s.  Becca has recently become a popular nickname for girls named Rebecca.

Bella is short for Isabella and comes from the Italian language meaning beautiful.  Bella was the 50th most popular name for girls in 2015.  It has been extremely popular over the last decade.

Beth is short for Elizabeth or Bethany and is from the English language.  Elizabeth means God is my oath and Bethany means house of figs. Either way you look at it Beth is a beautiful girl name.

Beverly was my husband’s grandmother’s name and we loved her.  Everyone called her Grandma Bev. Beverly is an English name and means beaver stream.  It started as a masculine name in the 19th century but has evolved into a girl’s name over time.

Bree is an Irish name that means hill or high power.  Bree is a strong and beautiful name for little girls.  It was most popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Bridget is an Irish or Gaelic name and means exalted one.  In Irish mythology this was the name of the Goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.  It has been in the top 1,000 baby girl names for many decades.

Brighton has been both masculine and feminine but I have always found it to be a pretty name for a little girl.  It is English and means fair town.

Brittany is French and English.  It comes from the area in the Northwest of France and is named after the Brits who settled there after the fall of the Anglo-Saxon empire.  Brittany was very popular in the United States in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and continues to stay in the top 1,000 most popular baby names.

Brooke comes from the name Brook and means small stream or someone who lives by a small stream.  It was at the height of its popularity in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.  Brooke is a darling name to consider for your precious baby girl.

Baby girl names that start with the letter B are beautiful and strong.  I hope you are able to narrow your list down with some of these options.

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B is for Boy…

B is for Boy…

And for baby boy names too!

I just had to! When I’m presented with an opportunity to use an alliteration, I just can’t help myself! Seriously though, B boy names are brilliant…and there I go again! I hope you have as much fun finding a boy name that starts with the letter B as I have. I’ve enjoyed looking at Behind The Name and other baby name websites to find these fun and meaningful names.

Beckett is an old English name. Most people agree that it means stream but there are some out there who believe it means beehive. Either way it’s a great name for a little boy.

Benjamin is one of my favorites because my favorite uncle had this name. It is originally from the Hebrew language and means son of the south or son of the right hand.

Bentley is an English name and means bent grass, woodland clearing, and from the meadow. It is also the name of a very luxurious car that any man would love to drive!

Bradley means broad clearing in the woods. It is English and had it’s spike in popularity in 1980. The famous American actor Brad Pitt helped to give it a little boost in the early 2000’s.

Blaine is of Scottish descent. It means thin or lean but in Gaelic it also means yellow. It has remained in the top 1000 most popular names in the United states for several decades and has neither spiked nor dipped very much over the years.

Blake is also an old English name that means black or someone with dark hair or skin. It has been very popular in the United States as a baby boy name for the last 10-15 years.

Brett is a middle English name and often referred to someone who lives in Brittany. In more recent times the famous professional football player, Brett Favre, has brought this name back into popularity among the boy names.

Brian is an Irish name with several possible meanings. The most well known is Celtic meaning of hill or by extension high or noble. It was very popular in the 1970’s and has dropped in popularity since, but I still think it’s a very nice name for a baby boy.

Brody is Irish and Scottish. It means muddy place or ditch. At first I thought I wouldn’t want to name my son this but as I thought about it I began to really like the idea of the meaning behind it. Little boys love playing in the mud and they are so cute when they come to the door and want to come inside when they are covered from head to toe in mud.

Bryson is an English name and simply means son of Brice. Brice means speckled. Despite its simple meaning, Bryson is a very popular name these days and continues to climb the most popular baby boy name lists.

Good luck with your continued search in finding the perfect name for your baby boy!

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Baby Boy Names That Start With A

Baby boys are so darn cute!


I am so excited continue our series of baby names for each of the letters of the alphabet!  Over the last couple of days, I have been trying to think of different “A” names for boys on my own without looking at The Bump, Baby Center, or any other fun baby name sites but it is a lot harder than it seems.  The same names kept running through my mind and I didn’t know what to do.  I kept thinking, “Good thing we have the whole entire internet at the tips of our fingers so we can go find what we need at a moments notice, right?”


I thoroughly enjoy searching for exciting and unique names for children.  As I’ve said before, names give identity, strength, and a sense of who we are and where we came from.  So, without further adieu, here is the list of boy names that are absolutely adorable and that start with the letter A!



Aaron is Hebrew and means endearing or mountain of strength.  Aaron was the brother of Moses in the bible. The Aaronic Priesthood is named after Aaron as well.  My son’s friend, named Aaron, has always been very endearing to our family and shows tremendous strength in all situations.

Abel means breath or vapor and is a Hebrew name.  Abel is very well known in the Bible because he is the son of Adam and Eve and was killed by his brother Cain.  This adorable name has soared in popularity over the last few years.

Abraham comes from the Hebrew language and means father of a multitude. I love this name because it makes me think of someone who is kind and respectful to his parents and family.

Alexander is a Greek name meaning “defender of men”.  It has been a strong and popular name for centuries.  Alexander the Great and Alexander Hamilton are well known men and continue to grace our history books.

Alfredo is a British name meaning elf or magical.  We met the nicest man named Alfredo recently and he set a great example of hard work and dedication for our family.  I think that Alfredo is one of the most kind and happy names for a boy, which is why it is on my list.

Andrew is a Greek name and means strong manly, courageous, and warrior.  Andrew was one of Jesus Christ’s 12 apostles and many Saints have been named Andrew since.  I can only imagine that anyone with this name is bound to move mountains.

Anthony is a Latin name and means priceless.  There are many saints who bear the name Anthony.  New moms are bound to consider a name that means exactly how she feels about him…priceless.

Asher is Hebrew for happy or blessed.  Asher is the eighth son of Joseph and was promised a life of blessings and abundance, according to the Bible.  In more modern times, the name typically means someone who lives by an ash tree.

Austin is Latin but the English and French claim the name as theirs as well.  Austin means majestic or great one.  The capitol of the great state of Texas is Austin.  I can’t imagine a little boy NOT wanting this name!

Avery has several meanings from several origins.  Avery came from the last name Alfred which means wise.  In French Avery means ruling with elf-wisdom and in English it means counselor.  Any way you look at it, this name is just cool and any young boy would be proud to have it.

I hope you enjoyed this list of baby boy names that start with A.  Thoughtfully choosing a name and teaching our boys about who they are will help us raise great men who are kind, respectful, strong, and brave.

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Girl Names That Start With The Letter A…

I’ve been thinking about baby names lately.  Not because I’m having a baby but because it seems like many of my friends are pregnant or have just had their bundle of joy

and it makes me happy!

My niece is due with her first in a few months and I am thrilled for her, but she isn’t far enough along to know if she’s having a boy or a girl.  I thought it would be fun to write some posts for the next few weeks of baby names for each letter of the alphabet that are also meaningful and unique.  I’ll post 5-10 baby names as well as their origin and meaning in alphabetical order for girls and boys. Today’s post will be girl names that start with the letter A.

As I was searching different names, I found a really fun site called The Bump that has all sorts of baby names with their meanings as well as where they come from.  Another site I like to look at is Baby Center.  They have a great baby-name finder tool as well as other useful pregnancy tools you can use.  If you don’t find a name you like from the list I’ve made then feel free to jump on over to one of their sites to see what you can find.  I hope you enjoy this series

“A” Names For Baby Girls

Abigail is Hebrew.  One of the most well known ladies named Abigail King David’s wife, from the Bible.  This beautiful names means Father’s Joy.

Ada means Noble and is a German name.  It actually comes from a shortened version of the name Adelaide, which is another beautiful “A” baby girl name.

Adeline has some controversy over whether it is French or German.  Either way it means Noble and is a beautiful name for your little princess.

Alisha is a favorite name of mine, but I’m a little biased since it’s my own daughter’s name.  It means Noble One or Noble and Kind. This spelling is American but derives from the popular names of Alicia and Alice which have French and German origins.

Amara has both German and Latin origins and means everlasting or eternal.  What a peaceful and sweet name for a baby girl!

Amelia is a strong name!  It has Latin roots and means industrious, striving, and work.  That reminds me right away of a famous American lady named Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman pilot to fly across the Atlantic.

Anastasia is a Greek name meaning resurrection.  It is a well known name from the Disney movie Anastasia and from the Russian Princess who was the daughter of Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia.

Aria is a beautiful Hebrew name and means Lioness or Lion of God.  In Italian it means air. In the music world it is also a solo piece sung usually in an opera.  It is a beautiful strong name.

Ariella is very similar to Aria with a Hebrew origin.  It also means Lion of God. Ariella is a little more popular than Aria so I wanted to add it to the list for you to consider.

Aurora is Latin and it means Dawn.  In Mythology Aurora was the Goddess of sunrise.  Many little girls love the beautiful Disney princess named Aurora from the movie Sleeping Beauty.

It is so fun to think about and consider different names for your new baby.  It can also feel stressful and overwhelming too.  I hope this series will help you narrow down your choices and help you feel like the name that you choose will bring meaning and joy to you and your family!  Stay tuned for the boy names that start with A tomorrow!

Don’t Forget!

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Most Popular Baby Boy Names for 2019

Choosing a name for your child is one of the first and most important decisions you will make for your baby. Names have meaning. They often define us. They can build a child up and help them grow into a strong successful adult.


We have 2 boys in our family.  Our first son’s middle name is his dad’s first name, Jonathan. We named our second son after his uncle, so his middle name is Joseph.  Both of these men are strong, loyal, kind, honest, and brave. These men play a major role in our sons’ lives. Their first names are biblical, Daniel and Matthew.  Daniel and Matthew are such strong men in the Bible and our boys love learning about them and applying their good traits to their own lives.

As I was looking at popular boy names for 2019 on Baby Names and Baby Gaga I found long lists of names ranked in popularity order.  The ranking order below is what I came up with based on what I personally saw on the sites listed above.  I listed them from the least popular to the most popular, in my opinion.  I was intrigued by the meanings of many of the names. This year is shaping up to have some adorable boy names with unique and interesting meanings!

20 Popular Boy Names for 2019

Zayn is of Quaranic origin (out of the Koran) and it means adornment, excellence, grace, and beauty.  It has become a popular name because of Zayn Malik of the boy band One Direction.

George is a Greek name meaning farmer or tiller of soil.  It is the name of Prince William and Princess Kate’s first born son, who is the future King of England so it has soared in popularity since his birth.

Evan is a Welsh name meaning God is good.  It has a nice soft sound with only 2 syllables so it goes well with longer last names.  Evan Peters from American Horror Story is who has thrown this name into the popular names circles as of late.

Drew has a Scottish origin meaning manly.  Drew Brees, an NFL quarterback, is a big part of why this name has grown in popularity in the last few years.

Samuel comes from biblical origins and is Hebrew meaning asked of God or heard God.  It can be shortened to Sam or Sammy. A popular American Actor with a strong memorable personality is Samuel L. Jackson.

Philip is a popular Greek name meaning friends of horses.  This is another royal name and many people love Prince Philip, who is the husband of Queen Elizabeth of England.  Ironically he is of Greek ancestry.

William is of German descent and it means resolute protector.  Some famous people with this name are William Shakespeare, the British Prince William Duke of Cambridge, William Baldwin, and Will Smith.  It has many shortened versions like, Bill, Billy, Will, and Willy.

Harry comes from an English background. The name means house protector.  Prince Harry, of England, is quite popular in the world these days, especially since his marriage to Meghan Markle last year.

Henry is a German name that means ruler of the home.  There are many historical figures with this name such as Henry VIII, Henry Ford, and Henry Kissinger who was the US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor.

Adam is another Hebrew name meaning first man, red earth, red, or to make.  He is considered the first man to live on Earth. Today, Adam Levine, a judge on The Voice, is making this name one that new parents are choosing for their sons.

Justin comes from the English language and means righteous or upright.  Justin Bieber, a famous american pop singer, and Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister are a couple of famous men to look at for this name becoming well known.

Charlie is of French descent meaning manly.  The German form of this name is Karl. It is short for Charles and probably the most famous Charles of our time is Prince Charles of England, who is next in line to be the King of England.

Lance is a French name meaning land.  Lance Armstrong, though fallen from grace in the cycling world, is one of the most famous men with that name in recent history.  He has done many great things with his cancer and wellness research on his website, LiveStrong.  There is also King Arthur of Lancelot who was a brave night.

Vincent from the Latin origin meaning conquering.  Vincent Van Gogh is a very famous artist that most people are familiar with.  Vincent is also a popular name in Hollywood as well as in professional sports.

Oliver is English and it means descendant of the ancestor.  It has nothing to do with olive or olive oil. It is derived from the Norse name Aleifr.  Oliver Stone, Oliver Hardy, Oliver Platt, Oliver Reed, and Oliver Hudson are just a few of the famous men who bare this name.

Grayson/Greyson is an English name meaning son of the grey-haired one.  Athletes Grayson Boucher and Grayson Burn have helped make this a trendy name.

Owen is a Welsh name meaning desire born and is a popular name right now.  Owen Wilson and Owen Yeoman are actors that many think of with this name.  Some authors with this name are Owen Davis and Owen Wister. Athletes that come to mind are Owen Daniels and Owen Schmitt.

Micha is a biblical name that is Hebrew.  It means who is like God. It is a new name on the most popular name lists but it is gaining traction fast.

Ethan has Hebrew origins which means firm or strong.  A couple of well known men with this name are the actor Ethan Hawke and the baseball player Ethan Allen.

Liam is an Irish name meaning with gilded helmet or harnessed with a gilded helmet.  As a popular name among the international actors and singers, we have Liam Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, and Liam Payne.

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Creating a Winter Wonderland

Years ago, when we were first married and had very few Christmas decorations, my mom got a set of snowflake stickers for us to put on our walls, they were pretty cute from a distance, but they had a clear plastic (and shiny) covering over the entire snowflake which made them look kind of cheesy from certain angles of light.  We used them for a few years and eventually the stickiness wore off and we threw them away.

This year, I decided those white snowflakes on our walls really do make everything look more festive and so I put together this mixture of different styles and sizes of snowflakes.  I get so many compliments on them, and because of the matte finish of the vinyl, they almost look painted onto the walls.  No more cheesy shiny stickers over here!

The snowflakes come all together in a this set and you can order whatever color you would like.  I’ve seen others do a mixture of powder blue and white that is really adorable too! Mine are all classic white.  I cut apart the snowflakes from each other so that I could arrange them on the walls exactly how I wanted to with just a regular pair of scissors.

After that step, I peeled the backing off of the vinyl so that I just had the sticky part – the sticky tape that looks like a giant piece of masking tape, and the vinyl.  I lightly placed all of the snowflakes on the walls and stood back and took a look.  Because I had placed them lightly, I could still adjust, move and tweak them until I had all of the snowflakes exactly where I wanted them.  

Then, I stuck these to the walls by a combination of rubbing with my hand where the walls were more textured, and rubbing with the edge of a credit card where the wall were more smooth.  I slowly and carefully peeled the backing away from the snowflake, being careful that the entire snowflake was now stuck to the wall and not to the tape anymore, and Voila!  I love the cherry Christmasy look these snowflakes add to our decor.  My kids love it and feel like they are in a winter wonderland.  The best part about these snowflakes?  I can remove them easy as a sticker and they don’t ruin my walls 🙂

How to Stencil a Wooden Sign to Make a Cute Fall Door Decoration

Last fall I attended a mom’s retreat with some of my besties.  All I can say is, if you don’t have a group of like-minded women you meet with regularly, you need to find a group or start one.  A group like this might consist of women from your church, neighborhood, kid’s soccer team, or yoga class, but trust me on this one, a support group will change your life.  I did not not think that I needed a “support group”.  (I mean, it is not like I am an alcoholic.)  I guess I kind of thought I was good with my own busy life, but now that I have a group, I get it.

The group I belong to consists of about 30 moms from the homeschool co-op my kids attend on Fridays.  Every Friday, we get together for classes, and social time for the moms.  Some of us also get together once a month for a learning circle where we talk about a podcast we have all listened to, and we update each other on one of the best and worst things that have happened to us in the last month.  This is such a great way to bond!

Anyway…. so we were having an annual weekend retreat, and since I love crafts, I offered to organize a fun activity for everyone to do together.  I needed to come up with something super cute that would fill a 30 minute time slot (We are serious about retreats!).  I know some were skeptical that I could pull off something fun and relaxing in that time frame, but I totally did it!

I knew I needed something that could be prepped beforehand with minimal effort, since there were 40 people coming to this event and I didn’t have a million hours to get everything ready.  I also wanted the project to be decorative, useful, and inexpensive.  It needed to appeal to a variety of decorating styles, but be somewhat trendy.  I decided that a festive fall decoration best fit the bill, so I came up with these cute door hangers.  They were a huge hit!

So, in case you are crazy enough to sign yourself up for a group crafting project, or if you just want to make some fun door hangers, here is how this project went down.

I went to Lowe’s and honestly found the cheapest plywood I could.  They sell a sheet of 5mm Poplar Plywood that is 4ft x 8ft for only $15.98.  I love buying sheets of wood at Lowe’s.  Not only is the wood cheap, but they will also cut the wood for you.  Since I only own a handful of tools (and I don’t trust myself with an electric saw), this is so convenient.

I had the guy there cut the plywood into 12” plaques.  At my Lowe’s the first two cuts are free, and the rest cost $.20 each.  It took 10 cuts to turn the wood into 12” squares (sorry, not sorry for taking you back to math class 🙂 ), so it only cost an additional $1.60 to make 48 perfectly cut squares of wood.  Why would anyone do that themselves!  While at Lowe’s I also picked up some medium sandpaper, foam paint brushes, and Minwax dark walnut stain.  My total bill ended up being just over $30.

When I got home, I marked where I wanted to drill two holes in each plaque to be able to hang them.  The holes were 1 inch down and 4 inches from two sides.  Then I went to work drilling.  I find drilling to be very therapeutic.

Next I sanded the wood around the drilled holes and edges to get rid of the rough edges.  I also sanded the faces of the plaque making sure to work with the grain of the wood.

The last step was to stain the plaques of wood.  I quickly brushed the stain onto each of the plaques and the rubbed the excess off with a rag.  (Make sure you wear gloves for this step so you don’t stain your hands.)  After 24 hours of drying, the wood was all ready to go.

I selected 3 different vinyl decals that I thought everyone would like and I had the decals peeled in reverse so they looked like a stencil.  We could have put the vinyl designs on the wood directly and not painted, but in this case, I thought it would be nice to paint.  ( can send you the stencil version of any decal).

I bought white chalk paint and twine from Walmart.  Chalk paint is less likely to bleed under the vinyl than regular paint.  If you can’t find chalk paint in the color you need, use this tutorial here to make your own.

All the supplies we needed for this craft easily fit into one laundry basket.  Another huge bonus of this project!

At the retreat, each person transferred a vinyl decal to their wood using this method here and painted the designs, dabbing the paint on vertically instead of wiping horizontally.  When the paint was mostly dry, we removed the vinyl.  Chalk paint drys really quickly, so we only had to wait a few minutes.

I had everyone cut and add twine to the top however they wanted to.

Everyone’s plaques looked great.  Even the women who never craft and usually hate how their projects turn out liked doing this project.  The best part was that this project was simple to explain and easy to do so we were able to chat and relax while we made them.  We ended up with a fun memorabilia from the retreat, and yes, we finished this project in 30 minutes.