Baby Names That Start With D…

It’s good to mix things up every once in a while, so today I am going to combine the boy and girl names that start with the letter D.  I know so many boys and men with D names so I picked some of my favorites!  I don’t know as many girls that have names that start with the letter D so I chose names that I think are darling and that I would probably choose myself if I had more baby girls.


I’m learning a lot as I research all of these baby names.  BabyCenter is becoming one of my favorite go-to websites for baby names.  I found many of these names there. I am looking at other various websites, like Behind The Name, to make sure I get their origin and meaning of the names correctly.



Dakota is an American Indian name and it means friend.  My niece married a man named Dakota and he is certainly a friend to everyone he meets.

Dallas is a Scottish and Irish name meaning meadow dwelling.  It is also the name of a popular city in Texas and was the name of United States President George Mifflin Dallas.  

Daniel is a Hebrew name meaning God is my judge.  He was a great prophet in the Old Testament.  My son’s name is Daniel and he loves knowing the biblical story behind his name.

Drew is short for Andrew.  It is a Latin name meaning manly.  Drew was quite popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Dustin has old Norse origins and in German it means valiant or brave fighter.  My daughter has a good friend named Dustin and we all agree that he is very valiant and brave, although he is a peacemaker, not a fighter.



Daisy is an old English name that simply means white flower or Day’s eye.  I have always wondered why more little girls aren’t given this name because it is so sweet and Daisy’s are such popular flowers.

Danielle is the feminine and French form of Daniel.  Danielle also means God is my judge. My kids had a swim coach named Danielle and she was always a great example of someone who followed God and didn’t worry about what others thought of her.

Darla means darling or dear one.  It is an old English name. We just watched the Little Rascals over the weekend as a family and the little girl named Darla on there was just that…DARLING!

Delaney is originally a Gaelic name with English origins as well.  Delaney means descendant of the challenger.

Dorothy means Gift of God and is a greek name.  Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz, was a sweet and kind character and I always wanted to be like her.  

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