Peter Pan Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker, Disney Shadow Character Art Silhouette for Kids Playroom, Bedroom, Nursery


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Relive the legend of Peter Pan with this vinyl wall decal that features the popular Disney character. This Disney classic children’s story has been a household favorite for generations. Now you can remember Peter Pan every day with a vinyl sticker that reminds you of the story and the great memories associated with it. Peter Pan can now fly into your next room to add that extra spark of imagination! <p> This design is also perfect for birthday parties and other Peter Pan themed activities for kids. It’s a very popular choice for children’s playrooms and classrooms.<p> <ul> <li> <li>Easy to apply to your wall, detailed instructions included</li> <li>Vinyl material lasts for years</li> <li>Won’t harm your wall</li> </ul> <p>Vinyl designs from CustomVinylDecor are made in the USA of high quality, industry leading Oracal 631 vinyl with a matte finish designed to make your living space look beautiful. <p>Our vinyl designs are simple to apply, last for years, and unlike wall paper, they can be easily removed should you choose decide to redecorate. <p>Vinyl wall decals from CustomVinylDecor are available in a variety of colors including: <ul><li> Black<li>White<li>Brown<li>Beige<li>Charcoal Gray<li>Gray<li>Light Gray<li>Metallic Silver<li>Metallic Gold<li>Dark Red<li>Red<li>Pink<li>Soft Pink<li>Orange<li>Yellow<li>Dark Green<li>Green<li>Lime Green<li>Mint<li>Turquoise<li>Dark Blue (Navy)<li>Brilliant Blue<li>Powder Blue<li>Purple<li>Lilac</li></ul> <p> This vinyl design comes with instructions on how to apply your vinyl to virtually any hard, smooth surface.<p> Orders with CustomVinylDecor ship within one business day, and are typically delivered within 5 business days. Faster shipping is also available. <p>Don’t risk purchasing your wall decals from China and waiting weeks or months for your order to arrive, only to find out it’s not what you expected. Choose CustomVinylDecor and be confident!</p>

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