Knight Wall Decal Vinyl Silhouette With Raised Sword


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Knight Wall Decal Vinyl Silhouette With Raised Sword

Thank you for shopping at for your home decor needs.  We recognize that you have options and we are determined to bring you unique vinyl designs, made from top quality materials, so you can shop at our store with confidence.  Our vinyl decals are shipped in one day, come with easy to follow instructions, and are sure to look great on your wall.  They last for years and can be removed when you are ready to redesign without damaging your walls.

Do you need a knight in shining armor? Well, here’s one just for you! Bring your child’s room to life by adding a knight to the mix. This knight is in the process of drawing his sword. Use him as a guardian of the playroom, the night time protector for a nervous child, or for lots of other purposes, including birthday parties and other occasions that merit knight-themed decorating.

This is one of several knight designs we have available. If you need an assortment of various knight silhouettes, we have them.

Our vinyl designs are simple to apply, last for years, and unlike wall paper, they can be easily removed when you decide to redecorate.

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In addition to this knight wall decal and other stock items, we also do custom orders all the time. Just send us a quick message with your request and we’ll get you pricing.

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