Family Birthdays Board Vinyl – As Featured on The Thrifty Couple


These vinyl decals are designed to allow you to create a family celebration board (as featured on The Thrifty Couple blog) to recognize birthdays of kids, grandchildren, and other special people.

Our family celebrations board vinyl can be ordered in your choice of main color and accent color. You can also choose a preferred size from the two we have available.


Use This Unique Vinyl Product to Keep Track of Family Birthdays

Have you ever realized a day too late that you forgot to call you sister on her birthday?  Now you can keep better track of special family events with this DIY vinyl project.  Use this vinyl decal to create your own family celebration reminder.  This product is great because you can easily keep track of upcoming events, and update your board as needed.  This product is featured on The Thrifty Couple blog. This product makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, and Mother’s Day.

This product includes the vinyl decal “Family birthdays”  along with the abbreviations for each month of the year.

Please select a main color for the word “FAMILY” and an accent color for the word “birthdays” and the months.

You can purchase the other items need to create you family birthday board from Hobby Lobby, JoAnne, or one of your other favorite craft stores. These items are necessary to complete your board.

Not included:

  • Wooden board in 18″ x 6″ board or 24″ x 8″
  • 12 Screw Eyes or Cup Hooks
  • Metal or Wooden Shapes for hanging
  • Ribbon, String, or Oval Jump Rings to hang your shapes
  • Paint in your choice of colors

Additional information

Weight 4.0000000035274 oz


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