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About Us

CustomVinylDecor.com is a family owned business.  We use this business as an opportunity to teach our kids valuable skills that they will be able to use throughout their lives.  These entreprenuers are learning everything from web design to order fulfillment.  They are part of everything we do at CustomVinylDecor.com.  When you patronize this website, you will receive quality products and support an educational experience.  We hope you will find satisfaction in supporting a family endeavor.


Richard - Marketing Genius

This guy is the man with the plan.  He strategizes the marketing plan for our website and oversees implimentation.  If you want to learn how to build your own family website like ours, you can take Richard's online website course here: Building an Online Business


Lisa - VP of Operations

Lisa runs the site and takes care of order fullfillment.  She designs most of the vinyl cutouts, adds products, markets, and trains and oversees all the work done on the site.


Maylee - VP of Production

Maylee designs products, and helps with order fulfillment and customer service.  She also does a ton of work on the website adding and maintaining our product offering.


Spencer - VP of Sales

Spencer is in charge of running sales on CustomVinylDecor.com and generating and publishing coupon codes.  He also helps design products and fulfill orders.


Future Employees in Training

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